I finally worked up the willpower to watch the final few episodes of the show Supernatural while working on this. It was one of my favorite shows, but I heard what happened in the final episode and I just couldn’t bring myself to watch it. Once I finished that, I launched into the show Good Girls for the first time. Let me just say real quick, yikes to that show. It’s like if Breaking Bad were suburban moms and somewhat less violent and horrible, but still pretty yikes. Anyway, here are some kit details.


Name: New Gibbon Sushi
Manufacturer: Spilay
Price: $38.99
Features: Music box, dust cover

This kit offered mostly good, readable instructions and pretty good quality material in general. There were, however, a few points where something was shown so briefly, as part of instructions for another part, that I missed it. I had to go back and fix several decorations to the walls after realizing I’d already attached parts blocking those walls, because I’d missed it when it was mentioned in the instructions. I don’t know what’s up with kits not taking the time to tell you when you’re supposed to place things, but a lot of kits seem to do this.

Spilay was very generous with parts and you should have some left over in case you make a mistake or need to redo something. I lowkey hated doing it because I had to cut up like 3 dozen tiny pieces of sushi out of felt, then painstakingly stack and wrap them in tiny little strips of colored paper.

The tree in this kit is adorable, but I didn’t actually get to (have to?) put it together. It came pre-assembled, I just had to unfold it and glue it down. It clearly wasn’t intended to be glued down, though, and came up several times. The effect is really cute, but it was frustrating for this reason, and also means the dust cover won’t fit. So I just didn’t assemble the dust cover this time.

The final product was beautiful in the dark, especially with the little paper lamps. I did like making those and hanging them. I tend to like lighting with enclosed “sconces”. The lighting ends up being more muted and natural.