About Me


I am a 40-something web developer living in Utah. I basically learned PHP in about a two week period in 2001 on a dare. (I won.) HTML is something that I’ve worked with since I was a kid and decided to build a Beatles fan page using Netscape Navigator’s built-in HTML editor. I used to work in a production web environment, meaning I built a few hundred websites for a digital marketing company. Unfortunately, that environment can be really rough, and after doing it for more than a decade, I needed a change. Now I work for a company supporting their internal websites and related properties. It’s still really rewarding (though I do miss clients sometimes) but far, far less stressful.

I have a ton of random hobbies and interests that always seem to surprise people, especially when they find out I’m a coder who also likes crocheting. It helps to know that ultimately, I just really like making things. Sometimes I go on kicks where I make tons of rag quilts or afghans. Right now I’m in the middle of a surge of miniature dollhouses. I love to make food for people. Cooking for big groups of friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers is one of my favorite things to do. Covid sorta threw a wrench into that, but I still made a bunch of care packages and drove them by my friends’ houses.

In addition to being a web developer, which has been my dream job since I was 16, I am the mother of three kids. I love them and I feel fortunate to work at a job that I enjoy, so when I come home at night, I’m cheerful and have the energy to spend time with my kids. (That’s metaphorical – I work from home now.)