UPDATE 2018: Yeah, this is pretty out of date. I’m pretty busy and haven’t had a chance to take screenshots and write blurbs about the sites I build. Maybe try out some of these links:

Douglas J Aveda
Providence Hall
Studio Branca
Burg Children’s Dentistry
Estate Guru
Motor Carrier HQ
Pittsburgh Career Institute

Here are some of the many sites I’ve worked on or built since 2010. I’d like to take credit for a number of awesome sites that I built that, unfortunately, didn’t survive to launch, but one or two screenshots seems kind of lame. (I also can’t even find anything I did prior to 2010, so, sad face.) These aren’t even necessarily my favorites – I’ve built so many at this point that I’ve totally lost track. Someone asked me how many sites I’ve built since working for Oozlemedia, and I in the nearly 6 years since I started, I’d say it’s in the hundreds, including landing pages, theme sites, lead gen sites, and so on. Contact me if you have questions about anything.

I’m an extremely fast and efficient developer at this point. I do not use any CSS/HTML/Wordpress frameworks. Everything I do is essentially from scratch, because I personally find it much faster to just build a site than try to force it into an existing template or framework. This includes Bootstrap and Genesis, which I’m led to understand are very popular, but which I view as crutches that would slow me down. I have extremely tidy code and have been complimented on for my commenting and organization. Where other people might have thousands of lines of CSS, I have only a few hundred. I’m very good at finding shortcuts to doing the thing I want to do.

Most of the beauty in these sites’ development, though, will be in the admin – where clients can edit and modify their sites. I am happy to give a demonstration if requested.

I didn’t design these sites. I’ve worked with several talented web designers who I admire for their artist eye. I don’t really have that eye. I’m good at nailing down how a mobile site should look, based on a desktop design, and I can put together a design. But it isn’t the thing that’s fun for me, and I prefer letting better artists give me their visions.